You want to know what you're buying and what people really think, right?

Here you go!:

** I used the tank as a base layer to run the other day and it is seriously fantastic! I didn't feel chilled or too hot. It was perfect! A. Minni

** Hello, Kiki, how are you doing? Thank you so much for creating the most amazing pants ever! Seriously! I painted my whole upstairs yesterday and between washing walls, sanding and painting, I did not have to pull up my pants once!!!!!!

M. Bailey

** Kiki is amazing and gives the best customer service. From emails to phone calls to make sure your experience is top notch. I’m so proud to support such a strong woman and support local ❤️ J. Schultz

** These tank tops and leggings are the most comfortable I have ever tried. I was never a legging wearing person as I don’t find them comfortable and they didn’t make me feel good . These leggings fit like a glove, I don’t have to adjust them throughout the day and they hold in all my wobbly bits. Wearing the tank with the leggings and everything feels securely held in place ! I Love them and now will wear leggings just hanging out in my house which I have never done before!! Thanks Kiki for introducing me to this awesome line!! M. Wideman

** These tanks are my absolute favorite layering tank tops that I own! They stay snug to your body, don't roll up and are so comfortable to wear. I've even branched out of my comfort zone and started wearing the freedom leggings!!!! I was not fan of leggings prior to the Smoothies set, but consider me a convert now! C. Hamilton

** I just bought the Freedom Capris and Freedom Active leggings. UNBELIEVABLE! I have always been a LULU fan, but Smoothies is my new go to!! They don't roll down and the pass the squat test :) S. Warner