Smoothies is based on several principles: Fit, Function and Philosophy. Our philosophy is based around confidence - our best asset.

Confidence is something we all have, but somehow it gets lost along the way as we age. Experiences can tear our confidence from under our feet, and it can take years to gain it back through self talk and learning how to believe in ourselves again. 

We want women and girls to feel confident in who they are and what they wear. So we have created athleisurewear with inclusive sizing so we can all experience what confidence feels like when wearing the right apparel.

Women are known to be incredibly harsh when it comes to their bodies and judging them (and each other, for that matter) However, we quickly forget how marvellous our bodies truly are.

How do you gain your confidence back by wearing Smoothies apparel?

I created Smoothies because I couldn't find a tank top that wasn't see-through and didn't ride up. It occurred to me that millions of females wear tank tops to wear as a layer and/or for working out and casual wear. But they all rode up! The only solution was to design one myself. And I did. When you don't have to pull down your tank every 5 minutes, you don't feel exposed, it doesn't grate on your nerves, and you feel put together and covered. The modest neckline in our tanks means the girls stay put as well, and you don't have to worry about any peek-a-boo incidents. Our tanks are longer than most so they cover all trouble areas. When you can trust your clothing to fit and function properly, you begin to feel more confident in what you're wearing. Our fabrics are always soft, and often eco-friendly.

Join Our Confidence Movement!

Smoothies is working to bring back your confidence through our Facebook group, Women's Empowerment (just request to join), and our Smoothies Empowerment/Mentorship Camp for Girls aged 9-14 each fall. 

Become a member, try our clothing and spread the word...every female deserves to get her confidence back.

It's time for girls and women to learn to trust themselves again and to be the strong, intelligent, gorgeous, influential powerhouses we were all meant to be!

Let Smoothies help get you there xo

Kiki Rozema
CEO/Founder, Smoothies Tank Tops