About Us

Created by a Canadian teacher and entrepreneur, Smoothies Athleisure was designed for women with their wants and needs in mind.

As a woman, I wanted to wear a tank top that made me feel confident; it needed to be soft, fitted and functional. So I designed the BEST TANK. EVER.

My must haves: Comfortable, Soft, Durable, Longer torso, Functionality, No 'overflow', Stays put, Available in a variety of colors, and equally important, Made in Canada. 

How are we different from any other tank on the market? It's much more than just a piece of fabric. Wearing a tank that stays put, is affordable and changes the way you feel about yourself, is pretty incredible. It's about lifting the spirits of women, allowing you to feel confident about who and where you are in life, by having a soft and comfortable tank against your skin. You can wear Smoothies on its own or as a layer.

After launching in March 2019, we knew we had to expand our company. So we've added eco-friendly fabrics and designed leggings, sweatshirts, sweatpants, skorts, capris and other buttery soft tops you just want to live in.

Smoothies is a CONFIDENCE MOVEMENT! Join our private group on Facebook "Confidence Connection" where safety and caring mean you can share your thoughts and be heard, not ridiculed.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY: We've created the Smoothies Empowerment/Mentorship Camp for Girls (ages 10-14) where we explore journal writing, bullying, body image, relationships, the dynamics of girl friendships, goals, mental/emotional health and physical movement (yoga, meditation), guest speakers etc.