Women's Empowerment Day Series - Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

10-4:30 pm

Pomeroy Hotel by the Grande Prairie Mall

     We believe that no woman is broken; we want to meet you where you ARE and empower you to get to where you want to BE. With hands-on strategies, group breakouts, meaningful discussion/sharing and motivating speakers, you will leave the day feeling empowered and knowing your life's path can be anything you want it to be. All 3 of our presenters are multi-experienced, with valuable, hands-on materials for you to take away. Bring your yoga mat for Jen's presentation!

     This is a full day of authentic empowerment, connections, self-introspection and new perspectives from which to change the trajectory of your life.

     Life ebbs and flows, but when we are empowered and knowledgeable, we can take the wave of positivity and power and continue to ride it for a much longer time when we have the tools to support us along the way. When life throws us challenges and we are operating in a 'down' phase, you'll have everything you need to turn the phase or experience into something more profitable for you (literally and figuratively)

   Join us for a day you won't soon forget!

Includes drink, snacks, Mexican themed buffet lunch and additional support after our workshop. Questions? Email us! support@smoothiestanktops.com

ITINERARY for the day:

Stay tuned for more in person events as well as online events

What will your day look like:

10-11:30 am Presenter: Kiki

* Discussion on Empowerment and Success and what that means to you

* Using a journal/workbook, we will define that and discover ways to reach those personal goals

* Awareness of the connections women have and how we can change our perceptions of the competing/comparison between women (changing this enables us to pursue own goals without the fear of judgment from others)

* Sharing within small groups

* Beliefs about ourselves and how they affect our actions (we will work on new internal messaging)

* Discover where you are NOW (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually) and create a plan to get to where you want to be

* Being pro-active: what to do when you're in a 'low' spot and how to get out of it

* What ways are you willing to change to reach your goals

* How can we set those intentions and quiet the mind

* Defining who you are

12-12:45 LUNCH

12:45- 2:30pm Reanne

2:30-2:45 break

2:45-4:15 Jen

Through this 1.5 hour session you will find ease and trust in the way you look at the hard parts of life’s journey. Looking at our stress, worries, fears, and anxieties from a different scope using mindfulness and science. Learning how beneficial small additions to our daily lives can be to support the regulation of our system. We will end our session with restoring postures in our bodies to help release all we are storing in our bodies physically and emotionally, while grounding our inner selves.

4:15- close - Regroup, discussion, feedback ***MORE DETAILS COMING SOON