Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

What is our brand about?

FIT. FUNCTION. PHILOSOPHY. "Confidence is our best asset. We want girls and women to be confident in who they are and what they wear."

1. We are manufactured in Toronto, Ontario

2. Our founder, Kiki Rozema, designs all our apparel

3. We have INCLUSIVE sizing because we want all females to know their worth; our size does not define us, and we want ALL girls ad women to enjoy our clothing, whether it be for working out or lounging

4. Smoothies was born out of the need for a tank that DOES NOT RIDE UP!

5. The importance of introducing eco-friendly fabric means we are a responsibly sourced company who care not only about their customers, but also about the environment

6. We are set apart from other companies because we are NOT just a clothing company. It is IMPERATIVE to create designs that don't just flatter figures...SMOOTHIES has the power to create a sense of CONFIDENCE merely by wearing our apparel. It's that simple. And that's no little thing!